What Are The Various Pros And Cons Of A Nursing Career? Check Here!

Deciding your career in healthcare sciences can be confusing, because there are just too many options. From general medicine and dentistry to nursing and pharmacy, the choices are diverse. If you want to join nursing, there are a few pros and cons to consider. In this post, we are discussing some of them, before you check for non profit colleges.


  • Nurses get great salaries. As of 2017, nurses were getting at least $1,20,000 or more as median salary in the US, and the prospects are great. If good pay is what you seek, this is a good profession by all means.
  • This is an in-demand career. The demand for nurses continues to surge, and it is only likely to get better. If you want a job that is not affected by factors such as economic slowdown, nursing is a wise alternative.
  • Nurses are respected. Job satisfaction is something that matters in the long run, and as a nurse, you will be respected for the work you do.
  • The role can be flexible. Nurses can actually choose to go for flexible work schedules. If you want to work part-time, it is always possible, depending on the profile you choose.
  • Also, nurses can work in many environments. From working independently to hospitals, military facilities and other options, nurses can choose to work where they want, and that offers considerable variety to the career.


  • This could be a stressful job. If you like challenges at work, nursing will still appeal to you, but be ready to work for as long as 12 hours each day.
  • Since nurses work closely with patients, there are health risks that cannot be denied. They are more likely to be exposed to certain diseases.
  • The job also requires patience, and each day at work can be hard in its own ways. The work is also physically demanding at times, so nurses are expected to be fit.

In conclusion

Nursing is a respected profession for sure, and if you believe in doing a job that pays well and also helps others in some way or the other, this could be an ideal job. You can also go for an accelerated nursing program, if you have completed your bachelor’s degree in another stream, and these programs allow you to become a nurse in as less as 18 months. Check online for nursing colleges now!

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