Courses to Be Take to Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

The primary role of certified nursing assistants (CAN) is to tend to patient’s basic needs and offer support to healthcare providers. They don’t have the requirement to possess a college degree. They have short-term and long-term courses and their curriculum covers basic nursing care, long-term care, taking vital signs, emergency procedures and communication skills.

How to become a CAN?

You can pursue a career as a CAN by one of the three ways:

State-approved training program (4 to 12 weeks):

Courses for CANs are generally offered at technical schools and community colleges. Before you sign up for a course, ensure if the program is state-approved. Florida residents can sign up for Asisente de enfermeria course with International Training Careers, Miami. The institution offers state-approved programs and is a top choice of CAN aspirants.

The state-approved programs generally involve 15 hours of classroom session and clinical training. The courses offered by various technical schools include:

  • Fundamentals of Nursing Course: It covers a number of health-related topics including fundamentals of nursing and role of nursing assistant.
  • Body Systems Course: It is about the basics of human body and how it reacts to medications. Anatomy and physiology courses shed more light on the entire body.
  • Patient Care Course: Three types of patient care courses are physical, spiritual and psycho-social. The courses teach how to take care of patients, take vital signs and prevent injuries and issues regarding their emotional and spiritual needs.

Associate Degree Program (2 to 3 years)

Become a registered nurse (RN) by signing up for an Associate Bachelor Degree Program. The extensive curriculum covers nursing, anatomy, chemistry, nutrition, microbiology etc.

Bachelor’s Degree Program:

There is CAN to RN bridge programs which involves less duration than Associate Degree Programs apart from bachelor programs.

What next after CAN course-completion?

You are required to pass a competency exam to be a certified CAN. The certification stands as proof that you have the expertise to efficiently carry out all the duties of CAN. The 2-part examination contains a written and performance section. The state’s criteria for Florida residents to be considered eligible for CAN certification includes:

  • Completion of state-approved CAN program
  • Pass a competency exam
  • Obtain certification
  • Register with the state’s Nurse Aide Registry

Qualified CNAs are in demand in Florida and throughout the country. Some CNAs pursue additional education courses and advance into various roles in the healthcare field. Make sure to choose a reputed technical school so that you can kick start your career as a CAN with ease.

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