How Can You Become A Certified Nursing Assistant?

Certified nursing assistant is a very important part of healthcare provider and CNA provide very intimate and hands-on services in any medical establishment under supervision of certain practicing nurse.

Particularly for helping in bathing, dressing or any other type of basic activities that patients in a hospital may need while they are undergoing various treatment.

Basic education requirements to become CAN

In order to seek admission to any school for medical assistant, a candidate must be having minimum of high school level of education. A number of community colleges are available who provide this nursing training.

Before you select any suitable school for this kind of nursing training, you must ensure that the school is approved by the nursing board of the state and also by NLNAC.

After obtaining necessary training from any such school, the candidate has to clear the examination for CNA certification.

Where CNAs will work?

There can be many different organizations where CNAs can look for their job. However, most of the CNAs are found to be working in places such as hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities where healthcare is provided.

Besides that, they can also find jobs in any doctor’s clinic, community clinics and urgent care providers. Many CNAs can also find job at home where there are any sick patients, who needs proper care.

What are the duties of CNA?

Most of the CNAs prefer to work under any licensed nursing professional who can supervise them. Generally, they take care of those patients who are ill, disabled or injured and not able to take care of them of their own.

Their tasks may vary based on the setting of the employment and following are the basic roles and responsibilities:

  • Help in turning and repositioning of patients who are bedridden
  • Taking various parameters like temperature, BP etc.
  • Answering various calls from patient
  • Making documentations about patient’s health and submit report to nurse
  • Provide feeding to patients
  • Cleaning the rooms and changing bed linens of patients
  • Providing help to patients with various medical procedure
  • Dressing of wounds
  • Bathing patients
  • Shaving, combing hairs, nail caring brushing of teeth of patients
  • Stocking supplies
  • Preparing the rooms for admissions

Salary of CNA

There will be lots of demand for CNA, as people are growing old who may need necessary care as per the data, this kind of population is going to grow further in the near future.

There is shortage of CNA in the country. Therefore, depending upon the setting the CNA can draw minimum salary of $28,530.

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