Why Is A Masticating Juicer Better Than A Centrifugal Juicer?

Investing in a new juicer should be done after thorough research. There are various types of juicers available in the market, each with pros and cons. Before searching for the best masticating juicers or centrifugal juicer, it is a good idea to know the difference between them. Juicers type plays a significant role in the quality of the juice extracted. So, without further ado, it is now time to check out these juicers and why masticating juicers are better than centrifugal ones.

About centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal Juicers are also referred to as fast juicers. The capability of the juicer to extract juice instantly has resulted in getting this name. The metal blade of the juicer operates at a very high pace of 6,000 to 14,000 rotations per minute (RPM). This high-speed increase in oxidation eventually makes the extracted juice foamier.

The juice extracted from the juicer gets separated easily, which is not a good indication if you are willing to consume top-notch juice. But if you are running out of time and want a juice glass in less than a minute, then a centrifugal juicer can help you there.

What is a masticating Juicer?

A masticating juicer is also known as a cold-press juicer or slow juicer. As the name suggests, the best masticating juicer extracts juice with a slow-turning screw, and the blades operate with a much less pace of 40 to 100 Rotations per minute (RPM).

But the juice extract is of much higher quality in terms of flavor and nutrition. Because of its slow process, juices extracted through masticating juicers have less foam. This juicer works well on soft and hard fruit and vegetables, including spinach, kale, or any other leafy green vegetable.

Different Types of Masticating Juicers


Masticating juicers are primarily available in two categories:

  • Horizontal


It includes two gears millimeters apart and rotating in a counter-clockwise direction to squeeze and crush the pulp simultaneously. It can process any vegetable or fruit with consistent performance.

  • Vertical


This type of juicer includes a cap for mixing the juices in the chamber. It is usually hassle-free to maintain and clean and is more popular than the horizontal ones because of its compact architecture.

Masticating juicers vs. centrifugal juicers

Which one is the best between the two, varies on individual needs. A centrifugal juicer is a better choice for rookies, who need to learn about extracting juice, as it is easy and faster than a masticating juicer. But remember that the quality of the juice in terms of nutrition could be better. So, masticating juicers can best maintain the quality of the juice.

Masticating juicer operates slowly and is time-consuming. So, if one needs juice instantly because of time constraints, then masticating juicers will not be able to help them. But looking for the best masticating juicer is worth it, as it produces superior-quality juice.


So, these are the pros and cons of both juicers. Masticating juicers certainly have the upper hand over centrifugal juicers due to their nutritional value.

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