What Is Immunity, And Why Is It Important?

The immune system plays a vital role in dogs’ bodies as it protects them from outsider invaders, including fungi, viruses, toxins, and bacteria. This system comprises various cells, proteins, and organs that work synergistically. When the immune system runs smoothly, dogs fail to notice it, but when it doesn’t work ideally or becomes weak, it can’t fight aggressive germs. And due to this reason, they fall ill. Again, germs that a dog’s body has not encountered too make them fall sick. A few germs make dogs ill as soon they get in touch with them, and they comprise childhood diseases, such as chickenpox.

The method of activating the immune system

The dogs’ immune system gets activated through various things their bodies do not recognize. A few instances of antigens comprise the proteins present on the surfaces of viruses, fungi, and bacteria. If these antigens get linked to specific receptors, it triggers an entire series of processes in the body. When the body comes in touch with a disease-causing germ initially, it preserves info about the germ besides the method in which it fights it. Hence, when it gets in touch with the germ the next time, it identifies the germ and begins to fight it quickly.

The need for immunity boosters for dogs

Though dogs have a pretty strong immune system, unlike humans, the former can become prone to many immunity challenges; hence, they require careful management. At times, dogs develop these health matters when they remain puppies, and sometimes, they inherit these issues. This is the reason the market is flooded with various immune supplements for dogs. When dogs remain young, the distemper virus catches them, and it kills many kinds of WBC. And it gives rise to many infections too. Parvovirus is another common virus that lowers a dog’s immune response. It attacks the intestines of the dogs, and it can be severely contagious.

The prevention

The fortunate thing is people can protect dogs from various kinds of viruses with the help of vaccinations. Though vaccination proposes excellent protection for dogs, people must provide their dogs with a well-balanced and quality diet to strengthen their immune systems. Hence, people are required to buy immune supplements for dogs. When they complement their dog’s diet with immune support supplements like senior dog supplements and puppy vitamins, they provide a solid avenue to support their immune health. Immune supplements help dogs in developing a strong immune system; hence, they do not suffer from various illnesses and common skin complaints.

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