What Becomes of Dental Nurses If They Decide Dentistry Isn’t For Them?

Dentistry is a demanding as well as a rewarding career field. However, dentists can also consider pursuing an alternative job to fulfil their career goals, lifestyle needs, and work preferences. You can choose various career options with a Nursing Degree (ND). If you have a valid degree in nursing and have an apt amount of experience in the same field, you can choose the following career options by using the same degree.

Learning more about alternative careers can also help find the right job for skills and occupational goals. This post discusses some of the alternative career options that dentists can follow.

Let’s begin!

  1. Medical Sales Executive

A career in dental media is possible, but it’s upto you to choose the right field. With the same degree, you can work for Big Medicos as Medical Sales Executive. Suppose you’re working for a tooth-brace selling company; you’ll have to sell an assigned amount of tooth braces to the practising dentists. `

You’ll be given a monthly target for reaching the sales amount which needs to be reached by you. If you are lucky and get hired by a good company, your annual salary can range as high as $80,000.

  1. Treatment Co-ordinator

This is a new and preferable choice with more prospects in the coming years. For this job, you need to enroll the patient’s names, take note of their oral health issues and guide them during any dental procedure. Under this job category, dental clinic staff are a key part of their operation. The annual salary of a Treatment Co-ordinator usually ranges for about $56,000.

  1. Senior Dental Nurse

If you’ve reached a certain age and have an apt amount of experience working in the same field, you might get hired by large medical clinics, dispensaries and hospitals to work as senior nurses. Senior nurses will be given more difficult tasks to perform, like critical surgeries and transplants. A senior dental nurse’s annual salary is roundabout $95,000.

  1. Oral Health Educator

An oral Health Educator needs to have an OHE degree. Completing this degree can take about 6 to 12 months of time period. If you complete this degree, you can be recruited as Oral Health Educator by Dentists or in Dental Clinics as well as in the Oral Health Section of the Hospitals. Your job criteria would be to inform the patient to take care of his oral hygiene, for example, what care should he take if he’s addicted to any kind of tobacco addiction.

Tobacco addiction can lead to oral cancer when neglected. Your job would be to inform the patient beforehand. You’ll also be asked to chalk out oral health charts for the patients as per their needs. The annual salary of an Oral Health Educator ranges for about $60,000.

  1. Orthodontic Assistant

Orthodontic procedures include aligning of teeth that are misaligned with the help of metal braces. This treatment also promises to fill up many dental gaps, especially in the front tooth section.

Orthodontic patients also are hired to cure speech problems. So, if you’re working as an Assistant to them, you’ll need to give anaesthesia to the patients and help them understand the medications as referred to by the doctor. An Orthodontic Assistant’s annual salary range is usually $32000 to $40000.

These positions are perfect if you want to switch your career from dentistry to other positions but at the same time, make use of your prior experience. Please feel free to share your experiences or if you have any queries below in the comment section.

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