Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medication that women use in abortion. It is the primary pill. This medicine is used in combination with Misoprostol pills to end an early pregnancy. Thus, for medical pregnancy termination, the pregnancy must be less than 70 days from the last menstrual cycle.

As an anti-progestational steroid, Mifepristone stops the pregnancy from continuing. It blocks the progesterone hormone so that the fetus does not get the nutrition to grow. Also, it thins out the uterine lining. As a result, the endometrium breaks and detaches the fetus.

You must not use Mifepristone alone to initiate a pregnancy termination. Rather take Misoprostol pills buccally after 36 to 48 hours of taking the primary medication. Together, the medicines can successfully expel the pregnancy parts out of the body.

How to Get Mifepristone Pills? How to Take Them?

You can easily buy abortion pills online or purchase them from your healthcare provider. After getting the pills, ensure you follow the label directions. If you are under a doctor’s prescription, remember to follow his/her instructions for the procedure. You can take Mifepristone either at home or at the clinic.

But it is necessary to take Misoprostol tablets under supervision. Or, if you initiate pregnancy termination at home, you can remain in personal comfort. It is advisable to have a reliable person around for assistance. However, this is not mandatory. Do not lift heavy objects, stress out, or venture outdoors.

What Happens in a Mifepristone Induced Pregnancy Termination?

During an abortion, there are several experiences that you will encounter. Firstly, you will face abdominal cramps because Misoprostol tablets induce uterine contractions. You will also bleed as if you are getting heavy periods. But this is nothing to worry about. Bleeding from the vagina is a natural part of medical pregnancy termination.

To keep a check on the bleeding, use long and thick sanitary napkins. It is possible to pass out heavy and large clots, even lemon-sized ones. These are simply pregnancy portions and tissues. You may feel dizzy and nauseous so stay hydrated.

Which Things You Should Avoid?

Avoid eating junk food and recreational items. Strictly avoid intake of alcohol. If you have any serious health issues, it is better to consult a doctor before you take abortion pills. Certain health issues may restrict you from taking Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets, especially an allergy to the ingredients.

Which Emergencies Should You Prepare For?

There are no complications with using Mifepristone abortion pills. But for some, medical abortion may not bring expected results. This happens mostly when people do not use the medicines correctly. They may overdose, not follow dietary instructions, have poor lifestyle practices, take low-quality tablets, have health issues that contradict the safe use of the pills.

Then there is a possibility of increased bleeding, which a person may not be able to tolerate. To tackle emergencies, one must always keep the contact number and address of the nearest emergency care unit. Also, she must keep transportation handy and someone to drive her to the clinic in case of adversities.

Should You Revisit a Doctor After the Procedure?

You will need a private and safe place, which is hygienic for the abortion. You should also visit a doctor 7 to 14 days after using Mifepristone for an ultrasound. This will confirm if the pregnancy still exists or has ended. In case some of the pregnancy parts are still in the uterus, you will have to undergo surgical intervention.

How Much Does Mifepristone Cost?

The cost for Mifepristone may differ from one place to another. If you are purchasing generic Mifepristone, then the cost may remain lower than branded versions. At the same time, the type of delivery you choose will also influence the final price of the product.

Some places offer subsidies or discounts on abortion pills. Especially, if you buy abortion pills online then you can expect a greater discount on items. Loyal customers even receive freebies such as free shipping, lower cost for the medicine, extra pills, and other benefits.

You can even enquire with the insurer if the medical abortion is under coverage. If so, then you do not have to worry about the Mifepristone cost at all, as your insurance will take care of the same. So, to know how much the abortion pill will come for at your place, speak to a trusted health professional.

You may enquire at the nearest pharmacy. Visit a care center to know more details. Or simply skip all these hassles and purchase on the internet. Here, you will get sufficient choices between generic and branded medicines. So, you can pick Mifepristone pills as per your budget and need.

Final Words

Mifepristone is one of the FDA-approved medicines for medical abortion. When taken with Misoprostol, it is highly effective in terminating an early pregnancy. You can obtain abortion pills at any online or physical outlet.

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