Major reasons people get sore gums

From minor irritation to severe and debilitating is a basic range of sore gums. Dr. Adam Chapnick, a cosmetic dentist in Toronto is an expert in treating such issues. Here below are some main causes of Sore gums as follows;

  • Canker sores: These are small, painful ulcers that may occur on the gums. From stress, mouth injuries, an impaired immune system, or other underlying health conditions are some causes of canker sores
  • Cuts or injuries: Some food and objects that enter the mouth may cause minor cuts or injuries to the gums and teeth. It can sometimes cause pain and bleeding, if a person may also accidentally bite down on the gums,
  • Gum disease: This condition occurs when bacteria build up under the gums and cause inflammation and bleeding. This disease is also called gingivitis. This can develop into periodontitis and lead toteeth lose. This is a higher risk for gum disease than nonsmokers, for people who smoke.
  • Hormonal changes: This can cause a person to experience swelling, pain, and bleeding in the gums during, hormonal fluctuations, especially during pregnancy.
  • Improper flossing or brushing techniques: This causes the gums to bleed and be painful if brushing or flossing is done too vigorously or frequently.
  • Sinusitis: This is a problem that can cause swelling of the sinus cavity when a bacterial or viral infection is there in the sinus. While others with sinusitis also experience gum pain and toothache.
  • Tooth abscess: This can cause an abscess or pus-filled sac when a bacterial infection is there in the root of a tooth. This can lead to gum swelling and pain also it can be serious and spread to other parts of the body, so it is necessary to see a dentist quickly.
  • Periodontitis: In this cause, it is possible tooth loss and other health problems so, periodontitis is a more advanced form of gum disease with more serious implications, such as
  • Tobacco Use: Use of tobacco has always been associated with gum disease and it increases your risk for sore gums. Dr. Adam Chapnick, a cosmetic dentist in Toronto advises to avoid it.
  • Stress: In this cause, the levels of cortisol in your body increases which increase the likelihood of inflammation throughout the body so try to reduce stress if you can.
  • Lack of Oral Hygiene: Its better to maintain an oral hygiene routine as it is the best way to keep your teeth healthy and help prevent sore gums. Otherwise, there is a high risk of sore gums.
  • Diet: It is very important to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet that can help prevent sore gums and gum disease. If you have a diet that has a high amount of Vitamin C and calcium than it may minimize your risk for gum problems.

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