Guns and Firearms: Which one is better?

Guns, also known as firearms or armaments, are weapons that generate kinetic energy through chemical reactions. Firearms range from precision targets to heavy artillery capable of mass destruction within a single shot. The first guns were developed in 13th century China, while today they can be found on every continent. While the materials have changed to accommodate new technologies, firearms still use the same basic principles developed centuries ago.

The ability to use a gun or firearm while hunting or out in the wild is an essential skill, one that many people do not get the opportunity to practice ensuring that you, or any of your friends or family, can use a gun or firearm will not only make you feel better mechanically but also ensure that you know when it is appropriate to fire and what type of gun or firearm will be most useful.

What’s the difference between a gun and a firearm?

A common question, even among firearm enthusiasts, that needs clarification. A gun is used as a projectile weapon, with bolts or bullets being fired from the barrel. The pistols, revolvers, and rifles you usually think of are classified as guns. A firearm is a type of weapon (or its device) which is also used as a projectile weapon but with glasses behind it instead of using the explosives behind guns. This makes them more accurate, but slower to fire. The term firearm refers to rifles in general, shotguns, and other smooth-bored barrels whereas guns could be used for handguns.

Guns are devices primarily designed to expel a projectile, usually a metal bullet. A firearm is a portable gun for military use, usually classified as a personal weapon, which may be carried and operated by an individual soldier. Firearms have varied greatly in size, from large-bore weapons that can bombard enemy targets, to small arms that are held and used by one person.

Clarity Between Guns and Firearms

The reason for the difference is in the manufacturing process. A firearm is a fully-functioning product that can be ready to fire directly from purchase, such as a shotgun or a handgun. In contrast, a gun is part of a gun set. For example, the rifle and pistol of a gun set will have incomplete receivers (the main part of the gun that contains all of its moving parts). This distinction is important because, while both are regulated by federal and state laws and must be registered with law enforcement agencies in every state where they are sold, guns and firearms can only be delivered to licensed individuals or dealers.

Proper Usage

First and foremost, always remember to treat every gun as if it were loaded! Before firing, you must ensure that the gun is unloaded and safely pointed in a safe direction. You also need to remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to fire. Shooting can be a fun way of hunting with friends, but before you go out there and start blasting away, you need to take a class first. God gave us our freedom to defend ourselves against any danger to our lives and property. A gun is only a tool, but it can be used by righteous men or women to protect their homes and families.

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