Do Magic Mushrooms Treat PTSD?

PTSD, or Post-traumatic stress disorder, is a serious mental health condition, and it gets triggered by frightening events when people witness or experience them. Some symptoms of PTSD might comprise nightmares, flashbacks, and serious anxiety. Again, people suffering from PTSD also display uncontrollable thoughts related to the event. The majority of people who undergo traumatic events find it tough to cope and adjust. However, with superb self-care and time, they become better. But if the signs become worse and last for a longer period and disturb people’s regular work, then they can assume that they are suffering from PTSD.

The Signs

The symptoms of PTSD might begin within a month of a person’s traumatic event, and at times, symptoms don’t appear for many years after the incident. The symptoms of PTSD give rise to some remarkable issues in people’s work or social situations as well as relationships. These symptoms also interfere with a person’s capability to carry on his normal duties.

The Grouping Of PTSD Symptoms

The symptoms of PTSD are grouped into 4 types; avoidance, intrusive memories, alterations in a person’s emotional and physical reactions, and depressive alterations in his mood and thinking. These symptoms differ with time, and not every person experiences the same symptoms of PTSD.

The Effectiveness

Magic mushrooms are either cultivated or wild mushrooms, and they comprise psilocybin. This is a naturally-occurring psychoactive as well as hallucinogenic component. Based on the version of SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, Psilocybin is regarded as one of the highly known psychedelics. People opt to buy shrooms as they are hugely effective in treating PTSD. People eat the shrooms by mixing them into their drinks or food, and they are prepared by drying them. At times, people consume freshly picked magic mushrooms too.

The Period It Stays

The short-term effects of psilocybin or magic mushrooms do commonly wear off in only six to twelve hours. However, people can go through some long-term alterations in flashbacks and personality after they take this drug.

The Method Of Recognizing

Shrooms look similar to common dried mushrooms, and they have long and slender stems. The stems are whitish-gray, and they have dark brown caps that are white or light brown in the middle. When mushrooms are dried, they develop a rusty brown color. After people buy shrooms, they consume them, and for this, they mix shrooms with tobacco or cannabis and smoke. Again, people also get access to liquid psilocybin, which is available in liberty caps. The liquid is found in a little vial, and it looks clear brown.

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